Kelly Shalk

@TwitterDev Community Manager

Lover of adventure & people who make me laugh. @TwitterDev Community Manager, @WomEng. @TechWomen mentor, forever a student. See full bio

San Francisco in United States

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Kelly Watkins

head of global marketing @SlackHQ | measuring out my life in coffee spoons | over here questioning your central premise bio from Twitter

Tony Blank

Developer evangelist for Context.IO, musician, beer-drinker, smart-ass. My tweets are my own. bio from Twitter

📄 DynamicWebPaige @ PyCon!

@Azure ☁️ Developer Advocate for #MachineLearning, #DataViz, and #AI 🤖. My ♥️ belongs to #Python🐍 & #rstats. ✨I predict the future with computers.👩‍💻 bio from Twitter

Jim Ray

You don’t say good luck You say don’t give up bio from Twitter


Awesome. Згинуть наші вороженьки як роса на сонці. Geek-girl. Want to rule the world. Love understanding the mindblowing. Also, speaker. bio from Twitter

Amazon Web Services

Official Twitter Feed for Amazon Web Services bio from Twitter

Sarah Drasner

Award-winning speaker. Consultant. Writer @Real_CSS_Tricks. Cofounder, https://webanimationworkshops.com/ , formerly @trulia (Zillow). http://codepen.io/sdras/


The official account for Windows Azure. Follow for news and updates from the team and community. We blog at: http://t.co/SqSoKbPQ. bio from Twitter

Stewart Butterfield

I'm trying my hardest! bio from Twitter

Tim Heuer

I work as on XAML client platforms at Microsoft and trying to be the best dad/husband I can be when I'm not working. bio from Twitter

John Agan

I would love to change the world, but they won’t give me the source code bio from Twitter

Billie Jean King

The official Twitter page of Billie Jean King bio from Twitter

Chris Messina

Developer Experience Lead at @Uber.

Usman Idryss

You cant beat me and you cant join me,,,, cos i dont join forces with the kings(JFK),,,,,,MR_Idryss bio from Twitter


Executive Director @girldevelopit | @UCSC alum

Jeremiah Owyang

Industry Analyst (aka Catalyst) at Altimeter Group. How I use Twitter http://bit.ly/LK0i bio from Twitter

Jerry Chen

lead #steakagram engineer at @unionmetrics. uiuc alum, polyglot(c,rb,py), @libcloud committer, aeropresser, beer & ramen lover. insert coffee to continue ︻╦╤─ bio from Twitter


The Coca-Cola Company | Marketing Strategy & Insights || I'm a consumer, marketer & millennial with opinions to share. [Disclaimer: views are mine alone] bio from Twitter

Royce Haynes

Freelance engineer making a buck from all things web and data. People follow me because they're cool. bio from Twitter