Kelsey Gilmore-Innis

Director of Technology, Sexual Health Innovations

San Francisco in United States

Spoken at 18 events in 4 countries

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Jenna Zeigen

Lead JavaScript princess at @digitalocean. @recursecenter Fall 2012. Loves playing with language— human and programming. My spirit fruit is the blueberry.

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Amélie Lamont

product designerd lead @nytimes ✨ co-runs @goodforpoc | womanist | Square Cash/PayPal: almnt 😘 | 🇯🇲 | tweets are my own! bio from Twitter

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Danielle Leong

Software engineer, founder of @feerlessapp, and social good advocate. She/her. Manic pixie dream dinosaur. bio from Twitter

yung sleuth

senior engineer, design systems @salesforceux; designer who codes bio from Twitter

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merritt death kill

shallow lez/deep cuts // Hey Look I Edited a Book about Vidyagames: bio from Twitter

Sarah Jaffe

AlterNet Writer/Editor. Rabblerouser. #classwar instigator. My opinions and foul mouth are my own. Not a musician. bio from Twitter

Morgan Mayhem

Where there's fire, I bring gasoline... bio from Twitter

Alex Stamos

Security guy. bio from Twitter

Tiberius Hefflin

Security Analyst and public speaker

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Thomas H. Ptacek

I abuse software, professionally. I'm tqbf at bio from Twitter

Jacqui Cheng

Senior Apple Editor at Ars Technica. Also office therapist, sometimes social organizer, and Chief Cat Herder. A student of humanity and technology. bio from Twitter

Barack Obama

This account is run by Organizing for Action staff. Tweets from the President are signed -bo. bio from Twitter

heather ousley

Web Developer. Most people refer to me as the GIF Queen. bio from Twitter


inherently interdisciplinary phd student. comm. studies. unc-ch. digital media+representations. technology. identity. performance. ethnographer. foodie. mom. bio from Twitter

caroline sinders

Machine Learning Designer and Researcher | Artist | Instigator| @Buzzfeed @Eyebeamnyc #OpenLab fellow. Alum @IBMWatson. ❤️ @ITP_NYU @nycresistor @facetscon bio from Twitter


WISP is a fiscally sponsored project of @comminitiatives that promotes development, advancement, & inclusion of women in #security and #privacy bio from Twitter


one more geeky girl on too many social network sites. groks payments, risk, fraud, e-commerce, identity...and music, dance, and caffeinated beverages. bio from Twitter

Yoko Ono

I love dancing. I think it's better to dance than to march through life. bio from Twitter


a non-profit that provides Black software engineers with the connections and skills needed to start and stay in the industry, and advance into leadership roles. bio from Twitter

Anne Helen Petersen

Doctor of celebrity gossip; author of Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style: My best self writes for @TheHairpin. bio from Twitter