Kelsey Gilmore-Innis

Chief Technical Officer, Callisto

Portland in United States

Spoken at 19 events in 4 countries

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Kat Marchán

Green-haired digital dryad. Cook. Game dev. PLT nerd. npm, Inc CLI team. bio from Twitter

Kate Darling

Magical pink unicorn princess. Robots, law & econ, pr0n. Intellectual property researcher at MIT @medialab. bio from Twitter

Brenna Flood

Test-focused DevOps, knitter, culinary experimenter, runner, MtG fan, conference organizer. Lawful good. Wants to start a Freddie Mercury cover band named King.

Carmen Andoh

I do many things, but most needed in software right now. Infrastructure Engineer @travisci ✯ @womenwhogo_nyc ✯ @ladieswholinux ✯ #momops bio from Twitter

Johnny Boursiquot

Multi-disciplined software engineer. Boston Ruby Group and Boston Golang co-organizer. Passionate about technology and community involvement.

Alan McConchie

Lead Cartographer at @stamen / PhD candidate at #UBC. Geoweb, critical cartography, social media, networked cities, map art, etc. 15 min of fame: @pop_vs_soda

Dave Zwieback

Sentient being. Husband and father. VP of Engineering @NextBigSound. CTO @LotusOutreach. Devops practitioner. Influential about Unicorns.

Shawn Bolan

Product Management Leader bio from LinkedIn

Crystal C. Yan

Product Design Lead and Mobile Product Manager at FiscalNote bio from LinkedIn

Nnedi Okorafor, PhD

Naijamerican professor and international award-winning author of science fiction, juju fantasy, mystical realism and whatever. bio from Twitter

🐳 vanessa

I make software or whatever. bio from Twitter

Jenna Zeigen

Lead JavaScript princess at @digitalocean. @recursecenter Fall 2012. Loves playing with language— human and programming. My spirit fruit is the blueberry.

Amélie Lamont

Product designer(d) and writer based in Brooklyn, NY working at The New York Times

Danielle Leong

Software engineer, founder of @feerlessapp, and social good advocate. She/her. Manic pixie dream dinosaur. bio from Twitter

yung sleuth

senior engineer, design systems @salesforceux; designer who codes bio from Twitter

merritt death kill

shallow lez/deep cuts // Hey Look I Edited a Book about Vidyagames: http://www.instarbooks.com/books/videogames-for-humans.html bio from Twitter

Sarah Jaffe

AlterNet Writer/Editor. Rabblerouser. #classwar instigator. My opinions and foul mouth are my own. Not a musician. bio from Twitter

Morgan Mayhem

Where there's fire, I bring gasoline... bio from Twitter

Alex Stamos

Security guy. bio from Twitter

Tiberius Hefflin

Security Analyst and public speaker