Kendra Prospero

Transforming the Way People Think About Work

Speaker biography

Kendra Prospero never expected to be where she is today. She meant to be a musician before she completely shifted gears and became a coder, working for IBM as a Software Engineer out of college. After 12 years struggling in a career that left her dying on the vine, she opened Turning the Corner once it dawned on her that she was spending much of her time at work coaching and mentoring people about their careers. And loving it. She and her team have helped countless people find love in their work again and have helped numerous companies shift their thinking about the people that drive their businesses. Kendra is terrible with details and hates squabbling about the small stuff, but she loves helping people get results, leading her team to greater places, and changing the world one person at a time. She lives in Boulder with two little crazy people and her delightfully sane husband.


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