Kevan Gilbert

Canadian humourist and digital storyteller with vision, soul and quirk | Empathy for the Digital Age

Kevan Gilbert is an award-winning Canadian storyteller, who was paralyzed by gratitude when he won $300 in a Stephen Leacock ... See full bio

Vancouver in Canada

Spoken at 20 events in 3 countries

Kevan Gilbert recently attended

  1. ContentEd

    England England, London

    29th30th June 2017

    Kevan Gilbert spoke

  2. Central 1 Momentum

    Canada Canada, Vancouver

    25th28th April 2017

    Kevan Gilbert spoke

  3. Design Thinking Day 2017

    Canada Canada, Vancouver

    7th April 2017

    Kevan Gilbert spoke

  4. SIT Interchange

    Canada Canada, Toronto

    26th October 2016

    Kevan Gilbert spoke

  5. eduWeb Digital Summit

    United States United States, Denver

    1st4th August 2016

    Kevan Gilbert spoke

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