Kin Lane

API Evangelist

I am the API Evangelist. Not in the sense that I’m evangelizing a single API to you--In the sense that ... See full bio

Spoken at 24 events in 7 countries

Kin Lane recently attended

  1. API Strategy & Practice Conference, Austin

    United States United States, Austin

    18th20th November 2015

    Kin Lane was involved spoke


    Spain Spain, Barcelona

    6th7th May 2015

    Kin Lane spoke

  3. APIDays Berlin & APIStrat Europe 2015

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    24th25th April 2015

    Kin Lane was involved spoke

  4. APIdays Sydney

    Australia Australia, Sydney

    10th11th February 2015

    Kin Lane spoke

  5. APIdays Global Conference - Paris 2014

    France France, Paris

    2nd3rd December 2014

    Kin Lane spoke

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