Andre Jay Meissner

Metalhead @AdobeXD, goes by Jay. Wood processing. Building stuff. Passionate DIR diver. Fuelling @IxDAb + @ODL

Spoken at 84 events in 13 countries

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Maximilian Hennebach

Talking about design on YouTube. Founder of @sketchappTV. UX @offerista_group. Believing in God. bio from Twitter

Tobias van Schneider

Lead Designer & Director of Fun at @Spotify // Founder at Authentic Weather, @semplicelabs @lesavignons // Advisor & UX @memomilabs // German in New York bio from Twitter

UX Brighton

UX Brighton 2017, 3rd November, Brighton Dome bio from Twitter

Avi Itzkovitch

Independent UI/UX Consultant and Speaker...I am a creative thinker with initiative and passion to change the world. ★ Founder of @uxsalon

Liga Letina

Digital forms of communication and User experience. #UXRiga 2015 currator

Roman Pixell

Media. Marketing. Mobile. bio from Twitter

Abdul Wahid

UI Designer, Slightly Workaholic, Dreamer, Sleeps during day, Movie addict... bio from Twitter

Conor Ward UXMuch™

Conor Ward, ardent UCD peddler. Head of UX&Design for the UK’s Biggest Energy Company serving 11 Million+ customers. I eat UX articles & crisps equally. bio from Twitter

Ernest Walzel

Programming bioinformatician at Edinburgh Genomics. I like elegant code, charts and fonts.

Marc Rinderknecht

independent web designer & developer. born in kobe. living & working in zurich. lover of beautiful bicycles, football, rock'n'roll and kobebeef. bio from Twitter

Fabio ↬

Pixel wrangler Design Lead @uxebu also on bio from Twitter

Lindsay Munro

Total nerd. Social media and tech enthusiast. Manager of conversation @FITC, co-host of @49Pixels Live and contributing writer for @TechVibes. bio from Twitter

Jon Hocking

iOS developer at @TheAppBusiness. Lover of clean interfaces, smart gestures and thoughtful user experience design. bio from Twitter

Andrew Merryweather

User experience designer, making stuff easier and nicer to use. Financial services applications, websites, web apps, e-learning, m-learning. bio from Twitter


Visual Interface Designer @TheAppBusiness in Soho, London. Previously Visual Designer @Tuenti Madrid. bio from Twitter

Andy Budd

User Experience Designer, partner at @clearleft and curator of @dconstruct and @uxlondon

Dylan Beattie

Head geek @SpotlightUK. Web/.NET coder, guitar player. Likes cats, skiing, Barcamp, Lego, scuba, beer and Africa.

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David Blum

Product Designer at @Ticketfrog

Noel Lyons

Director of KentLyons bio from Twitter