Ayşe Kongur

A graphic designer, a Ui designer and I ❤️ typography & photography. Occasionally tweets in Turkish http://Instagram.com/kongroove

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Liam O'Leary

Creative director at @LaserRedWeb & founder of @where_we_work / web designer / semantic activist / PHP dabbler / gadget lover / photographer bio from Twitter

Bret Victor

This bus don't stop. bio from Twitter

Michael Reinsch

Co-Founder of Doorkeeper http://doorkeeperhq.com/. StartupWeekend facilitator. Tech geek. Ruby on Rails, ember.js. Bootstrapped startups. Moving Fast.

Catherine Dixon

I design, write and teach; each activity fuelled by a love of type. bio from Twitter

Dr. Serkan Toto

Japan-based web, mobile and gaming industry consultant. Contributor for @TechCrunch US since 2008. MBA. PhD in economics. 7-lingual. Ex-慶應義塾大学. German. Gamer. bio from Twitter

Guillaume C. Marty

JavaScript developer with a strong passion for open/new/disruptive technologies

People Who Do

Finding better ways of working bio from Twitter

Grace Ng

VP, Design @Lean Startup Machine. 2X Founder. Advising on #LeanStartup and #UX. Loves asking why. Co-creator of http://validationboard.com bio from Twitter

A Googler

News and updates from Google bio from Twitter

Jude Pullen

Product Design Engineer, currently at Dyson, UK. (Over) Enthusiast. Cardboard Modeling Guru: http://bit.ly/IycF4R bio from Twitter


Art galleries in UK; Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Tate Liverpool & Tate St Ives. Tweeting from Tate; Naomi, Amy, Bethany, Stacey, Jesse and Tate Info team bio from Twitter


Part of the Brexodus. Knight-Mozilla fellow 2015. Wannabe MacGyver. Rebel. ~*creative technologist and coffee enthusiast*~ Works at @NordicApproach bio from Twitter

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David Lynch

Filmmaker. Born Missoula, MT. Eagle Scout. bio from Twitter

Anthony Burrill

Anthony Burrill’s persuasive, up-beat art and design has been commissioned by cultural, social and commercial clients around the world. bio from Twitter

Barry Furby 

Fascinated by tech, biz & community, Trying to find a way for them to work together harmoniously! Founder of @FreshResources @wearetechMAP & finder of Talent.. bio from Twitter

Chris Mills

Tech writer @mozilla, W3C fellow, ex-Opera, loves HTML/CSS/JS/really noisy music. Author of Practical CSS3: http://peachpit.com/practicalcss3. Buy my book! bio from Twitter

Adam Lehman

Helping people build a better internet. Product Manager at Adobe for @Brackets & @PhoneGapBUILD. Occasionally makes out w/ @raelehman. bio from Twitter

Jeffrey Zeldman

A List Apart, An Event Apart, A Book Apart, Designing With Web Standards, The Big Web Show, School of Visual Arts, studio.zeldman