Konstantin Haase

CTO & Co-Founder at Travis CI

As maintainer of Sinatra, Konstantin Haase is an Open Source developer by heart. Ruby has become his language of choice ... See full bio

Zurich in Switzerland

Spoken at 65 events in 29 countries

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Valerie Woolard

nerd, INTJ, feminist, @slate/@panoply software engineer. @UCBerkeley & @uchicago alum, interested in tech, language, politics, musical theater. bio from Twitter

Johnneylee Rollins

Developer, friend, someone who laughs, a rubyist. bio from Twitter

Brittany Martin

Product Marketing Manager & Student Leader Advocate @Readyforce - Startup geek - Fashion lover - Hackathon enthusiast bio from Twitter

Adam Cuppy

Master of Smile Generation. Husband. Speaker. Rubyist. Actor. COO @CodingZeal & @DefineYourEdge

Isle of Ruby

I love Ruby bio from Twitter


iOS and tools @ride. http://my.pronoun.is/they. @NSLondonMeetup co-organiser. Embracing jet lag as a way of life. Writes about travel: http://splinched.com bio from Twitter

banana bender & ☃ for @heroku bio from Twitter

Kerri Miller.to_ꃕ

Software Engineer, conference speaker, chef, poker player, glassworker, scooter mechanic, baseball & soccer fan, hiker.. but not in that order. bio from Twitter

Durran Jordan

The Mongoid Guy, OOD purist, database guru, whisk(e)y abuser, chain smoker, developing sounds in the cloud. bio from Twitter

AJ Bowen

Boat-rocking, bra-burning, troublemaking incorrigibly curious python bash genealogist hacker person


Sparkly devops princess, hot saucerer, drinker of good beer, bourbonista, pythonista, climber, violinist, aspiring cellist, singer, metalhead. bio from Twitter

Leah Culver

iOS and Python developer. Former founder of @groveio, @convore, and @pownce. bio from Twitter

Nick Stenning

I'm technical director of the Open Knowledge Foundation, an ex-physicist, Bayesian, and enthusiastic drinker of tea.

Jason Clark

Rubyist, cyclist, homebrewist

Rishav Rastogi

Software Developer. Startup guy. Co-founded http://Hitwicket.com. Prospective Philomath. bio from Twitter

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I'm a product guy at Heroku. I develop in Python. I work with startups. I write about Tech/Business/Productivity at http://www.craigkerstiens.com/

Aaron Cruz

Senior Expert. Community Factory. bio from Twitter


The not-for-profit web development conference in Austria. March 3rd, 2018. bio from Twitter


When people do something awesome, tell them. Accidental Cartoonist. Developer. Co-creator @CodeNewbies + @ReadingCodeGood | hacker @NYTM @FlatironSchool alumni bio from Twitter