Kurt Häusler

Software development manager. Specialising in lean software development management.

Kurt Häusler spent years as a programmer but the more he learnt about the nature of knowledge work and product ... See full bio

Wiesbaden in Germany

Kurt Häusler recently attended

  1. Frankfurter Entwicklertag 2014

    Germany Germany, Frankfurt Main

    19th February 2014

    Kurt Häusler attended

  2. Agile Cologne 2013

    Germany Germany, Cologne

    22nd November 2013

    Kurt Häusler attended

  3. Lean Kanban Central Europe 2013

    Germany Germany, Hamburg

    4th5th November 2013

    Kurt Häusler attended

  4. ALE 2013

    Romania Romania, Bucharest

    28th30th August 2013

    Kurt Häusler attended

  5. AgileCoachCamp 2013 Germany

    Germany Germany, Rückersbach

    14th16th June 2013

    Kurt Häusler attended

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