Laura Witcher

Counselor @ Cherokee Bend Elementary, mother, wife, learner, NBCT-SC, lover of good eats, teacher, optimist, people person, cautious adventurer, crafter

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Salman Khan

Trying to make a world-class education available to anyone, anywhere. bio from Twitter

Suzan Brandt

MBJH Tech Coordinator, edcamp MtnBrook & edcamp Bham organizer, CoSNCamp, Wife, Momma & Auburn Fan. Slightly addicted to dark chocolate and coffee. bio from Twitter

Taajah Witherspoon

Educator, Life-long learner, Math Coach bio from Twitter

Meagan Saia

Teacher, yoga student, reader, dog lover, traveler, wife, outdoors, loving life bio from Twitter

Yong Zhao

Presidential Chair, Associate Dean Global and Online Education, College of Education, University of Oregon bio from Twitter

Bill Gates

Sharing things I'm learning through my foundation work and other interests... bio from Twitter

Discover Birminghamâ„¢

At Discover Birmingham, We're here to connect you with what there is to do in the Magic City! Have a cool event or pic to share? Use #discoverBham for a RT! bio from Twitter


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Ann Marie Corgill

Christian, forever learner and teacher, author, NBCT, reader, vanilla cupcake eater, passionate advocate for kids and progressive, high quality education bio from Twitter

Katy Perry

i kissed a girl AND diddled her skittle. bio from Twitter