Laurent Haug

I help people find ideas and ideas find people.

Laurent Haug is an observer, strategist, investor, and creative matchmaker for industry leaders, start-ups, policy makers, designers, and developers; guiding ... See full bio


Spoken at 4 events in 3 countries

Laurent Haug recently attended

  1. NEXT15

    Germany Germany, Hamburg

    24th25th September 2015

    Laurent Haug spoke



    8th9th August 2015

    Laurent Haug spoke

  3. Lift12

    Switzerland Switzerland, Geneva

    22nd24th February 2012

    Laurent Haug spoke

  4. Lift France 2011 : Be radical

    France France, Marseille

    6th8th July 2011

    Laurent Haug was involved

  5. Lift 11

    Switzerland Switzerland, Geneva

    2nd4th February 2011

    Laurent Haug was involved spoke

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