Lise Galuga

Lifelong Learner – Google for Education Certified Innovator – authorized Google Education Trainer – SMART Exemplary Educator – Technopédagogue

As a Google for Education Certified Innovator, Google for Education Certified Trainer and a technopedagogue in support of provincial digital ... See full bio

Ottawa in Canada

Spoken at 3 events in 1 country

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  1. BIT16 - BringIT,Together 2016

    Canada Canada, Niagara Falls

    9th11th November 2016

    Lise Galuga was involved French Language Liasion

  2. BIT15 - Bring IT,Together 2015

    Canada Canada, Niagara Falls

    4th6th November 2015

    Lise Galuga was involved Français spoke

  3. Bring IT, Together 2014

    Canada Canada, Niagara Falls

    5th7th November 2014

    Lise Galuga was involved Webmaster spoke

  4. Bring IT, Together [ECOO & OASBO]

    Canada Canada, Niagara Falls

    23rd25th October 2013

    Lise Galuga spoke

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