Christina Aldan

Speaker, Trainer, Consultant

Meet Christina Aldan for the first time and you will feel as if you have known her all your life. ... See full bio

Las Vegas in United States

Spoken at 49 events in 4 countries

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Nate Barbettini

Developer Evangelist at Stormpath

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Brian Rinaldi

Focused on web, mobile dev & tech. Work @ Progress. Co-edit Mobile Web Weekly http://mobilewebweekly.co/. Co-author Working w/ Static Sites http://oreil.ly/2pAAhQ1 bio from Twitter

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DevReach 2017

Bulgaria Bulgaria, Sofia

13th14th November 2017

Martine Dowden

UX/UI Designer/Developer, Consultant, Author

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Irene Dima

Strategic Initiatives | Event Management at EC-Council bio from LinkedIn

Troy Hunt

Software architect and Microsoft MVP, you’ll usually find me writing about security concepts and process improvement in software delivery. bio from Twitter

Damian Brady

Australian Solution Architect for @OctopusDeploy, MS MVP, author & speaker. DevOps & dev process. Speaking: http://brdy.in/DamoTalks bio from Twitter

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Jamie Altizer

Husband, father, full-time Geek. I work at @GravityWorksDD in mobile, CMS and custom development. I live in JavaScript all day and love it!

Felienne Hermans

Assistant Professor at @serg_delft. I like programming, public speaking, spreadsheets, running, software research, lindyhop, Lego Mindstorms, gaming and movies. bio from Twitter

Jessie Shternshus

Founder* Speaker * Facilitator* Author of CTRLShift- We give our clients the competitive edge through development of creativity, communication and culture. bio from Twitter

Denise Jacobs

Speaker + Author @denisejacobs /Founder + Chief Creativity Evangelist @thecreativedose

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Jessica Kerr

Developer, speaker, mother, crazy nut. Always learning and growing.

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Lyndsey Padget

Silicon Prairie pioneer woman, Nodegrammer, Soul Sista, Mother, Coffee addict, Francophile, Crafter, Wine drinker, Lover-not-a-fighter, Breakfast superfreak bio from Twitter

Pavneet Singh Saund

Father of 3, husband to @frusaund, community lead at @NNUGVestfold & http://vestfolddevelopers.no. Blog at http://codingwithempathy.com. Work at @komplettdev. bio from Twitter

Melza D. Wagoner Jr. III

Alternative Dispute Resolution Specialist/Research & Communications Analyst/Leadership Communications Specialist bio from LinkedIn

Don DenUyl

Code to Water Ski or Scuba Dive... bio from Twitter

Bill Nye

Science Educator seeks to change the world... bio from Twitter

Angel Thomas

Software Developer, Co-Founder @gditoledo, book lover. bio from Twitter

Sarah Phelps

4/5 computer science teacher for Triad CUSD2 in the St. Louis MetroEast. bio from Twitter

Thomas Keslinke

CEO / Co-founder of Chef's Roll, Inc. bio from LinkedIn

Jim Holmes

Few answers. Lots of questions. My crazy Tweets are mine, not Telerik's. Obviously. bio from Twitter