Mandy Phillips

Love people, webs, mashed libraries, tech, gadgets, travel and glamping. All views/opinions personal.

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Mandy Phillips recently attended

  1. Ignite Liverpool - Inspiring Liverpool

    England England, Liverpool

    4th November 2015

    Mandy Phillips was involved

  2. IWMW 2015

    England England, Ormskirk

    27th29th July 2015

    Mandy Phillips spoke

  3. FOTE14

    England England, London

    3rd October 2014

    Mandy Phillips spoke

  4. Ignite Liverpool #15

    England England, Liverpool

    15th August 2013

    Mandy Phillips was involved

  5. Jelly Liverpool

    England England, Liverpool City

    4th July 2013

    Mandy Phillips attended

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