Manfred Bortenschlager

API Market Development Director at 3scale.net

Manfred (@ManfredBo on Twitter) is an API geek and evangelist. He blogs about topics related to APIs and developer evangelism ... See full bio

Barcelona in Spain

Spoken at 6 events in 3 countries

Manfred Bortenschlager recently attended

  1. API Strategy & Practice Conference, Austin

    United States United States, Austin

    18th20th November 2015

    Manfred Bortenschlager spoke


    Spain Spain, Barcelona

    6th7th May 2015

    Manfred Bortenschlager spoke

  3. PAPIs.io '14

    Spain Spain, Barcelona

    17th18th November 2014

    Manfred Bortenschlager spoke

  4. API Strategy & Practice Conference

    United States United States, Chicago

    24th26th September 2014

    Manfred Bortenschlager was involved Speedhack guru spoke

  5. DevLab LIVE 2014

    England England, Canary Wharf

    9th11th May 2014

    Manfred Bortenschlager spoke

  6. Over the Air 2013

    England England, Bletchley

    27th28th September 2013

    Manfred Bortenschlager spoke

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