Manu Marchal

Passionate about Big Data, NoSQL and real time analytics. You'll see me geeking about astronomy at night. Founder of http://BigDataLondon.org

Manu Marchal heads Basho Technologies in EMEA, the makers of the distributed systems Riak. He has 15 years of experience ... See full bio

Sevenoaks in England

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  1. QCon London 2016

    England England, London

    7th11th March 2016

    Manu Marchal attended

  2. GOTO Amsterdam 2015

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    17th19th June 2015

    Manu Marchal spoke

  3. Span

    England England, London

    28th October 2014

    Manu Marchal attended

  4. All Your Base Conference 2014

    England England, Oxford

    17th October 2014

    Manu Marchal attended

  5. NoSQL matters Dublin 2014

    Ireland Ireland, Dublin

    3rd4th September 2014

    Manu Marchal attended

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