Marc-André Lemburg

Pythonista, CEO @eGenix, Python Coach, Python Consultant, Python Core Dev, @ThePSF Director, @EuroPythonS Director

Marc-Andre is the CEO and founder of eGenix.com, a Python-focused project and consulting company based in Germany. He has a ... See full bio

Dusseldorf in Germany

Spoken at 7 events in 4 countries

Marc-André Lemburg recently attended

  1. EuroPython 2016

    Spain Spain, Bilbao

    17th24th July 2016

    Marc-André Lemburg was involved spoke

  2. PyWaw Summit

    Poland Poland, Warsaw

    25th26th May 2015

    Marc-André Lemburg spoke

  3. PyCon.DE 2013

    Germany Germany, Cologne

    14th19th October 2013

    Marc-André Lemburg spoke

  4. PyDDF Sprint 2013

    Germany Germany, Dusseldorf

    28th29th September 2013

    Marc-André Lemburg attended

  5. EuroPython 2013

    Italy Italy, Florence

    1st7th July 2013

    Marc-André Lemburg spoke

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