Marco Troisi

Senior Software Engineer at @BluefinPayments (previously @RocketBerlin). Technical writer for marcotroisi.com and techbeacon.com.


Spoken at 7 events in 4 countries

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Nora Jones

Not a singer. Senior Software Engineer @netflix working on Chaos Engineering. Formerly @jet. The armies of chaos are coming; prepare your defenses. bio from Twitter

Ward Cunningham

Objects, Patterns, Agile, Wiki bio from Twitter

Kevlin Henney

consultant · father · husband · itinerant · programmer · speaker · trainer · writer

Dan North

Optimizer of organizations, teams and software, programmer, Agile coach, technologist, troublemaker. Christian, husband, occasional blogger.

Jason Fried

Founder of 37signals. Co-author of REWORK. Credo: It's simple until you make it complicated. bio from Twitter

Mitchell Hashimoto

Founder of @HashiCorp. Creator of Vagrant, Packer, Serf, Consul, Terraform, Vault, Nomad, and Otto. Lover of open source. Automation-obsessed developer. bio from Twitter

Anjana Vakil

Lover of languages, for humans and machines. Developer at @UberResearch. @Outreachy, @RecurseCenter, @Uni_Saarland, and @UCBerkeley alum. Wanderer and wonderer. bio from Twitter

Cian Clarke

Software developer @feedhenry. Founder @inisdesign. Does mobile, social, cloud and many other buzzwords. Node all the things. bio from Twitter

Sebastian Malaca

#Agile maniac and OO fanatic, #ScrumMaster, #Leader, #Programmer, #blogger, #speaker. http://bit.ly/R7PPnP, http://bit.ly/171Fb8l bio from Twitter

Gil Zilberfeld

Unit tester. Agile learner. Author of Everyday Unit Testing. VP Product of Fastee. Co-Organizer of Agile Practitioners conference. bio from Twitter

Lina Shishkina

Я - Рыжик! Нахальный и оптимистичный Рыжик) bio from Twitter

Antti Kirjavainen

Part of @FlowaWolf, here to help you make better products and services with software. I coach teams, organizations, leaders and individuals. I also make stuff. bio from Twitter

Tobias Mayer

listener, untangler, integrator bio from Twitter

Antonio Cobo

Learner observer mind. Agile Delivery Consultant at @OpenCredo and speaker. Views are my own! bio from Twitter

Matteo Cavucci

Kaizen Boy - tech midfielder


Engineer @wearebase, co-organiser @PHPDorset and Linux junkie. Saxophonist with @inthepinkband & @swing_unlimited. Crazy cat person; dormant twitterer...

agileee conference

Agile Conference bio from Twitter

Agile Alliance

Agile Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the concepts of Agile software development as outlined in the Agile Manifesto. bio from Twitter

Barry O Sullivan

PHP Product developer. Coder, Event Sourcing and DDD fanatic. Cat and dog person. http://www.linkedin.com/pub/barry-o-sullivan/14/795/1b8 bio from Twitter

Conor Smith

Web Developer and proud owner of three copies of Willennium. bio from Twitter