Mariusz Ciesla

Interactive designer. Verse in design, front-end development and internet memes. I tend to get passionate about things.

Designer. Developer. Entrepreneur. Not an unicorn. Co-founder of Lifetramp, a Couchsurfing-like platform that lets you try a different lifestyle for ... See full bio

Berlin in Germany

Spoken at 5 events in 4 countries

Mariusz Ciesla recently attended

  1. Refresh 2016

    Estonia Estonia, Tallinn

    9th September 2016

    Mariusz Ciesla spoke

  2. Mobiconf

    Poland Poland, Krakow

    2nd3rd October 2014

    Mariusz Ciesla spoke

  3. MobX 2014

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    13th14th September 2014

    Mariusz Ciesla spoke

  4. Startup Stage #8 - Design

    Poland Poland, Krakow

    21st November 2013

    Mariusz Ciesla spoke

  5. Paris-Web 2013

    France France, Paris

    10th12th October 2013

    Mariusz Ciesla spoke

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