Mark West

Software consultant, conference organiser, teaching kids to code, occasional speaker

Originally from the UK, Mark is now based in Oslo where he works as a manager at Bouvet, a Norwegian ... See full bio

Oslo in Norway

Spoken at 10 events in 6 countries

Mark West recently attended

  1. Joker 2017

    Russia Russia, St. Petersburg

    3rd4th November 2017

    Mark West spoke

  2. JavaZone 2017

    Norway Norway, Oslo

    13th14th September 2017

    Mark West was involved Program Committee spoke

  3. GeeCON 2017

    Poland Poland, Krakow

    17th19th May 2017

    Mark West spoke

  4. Riga Dev Days 2017

    Latvia Latvia, Riga

    15th17th May 2017

    Mark West spoke

  5. IoT Tech Day 2017

    Netherlands Netherlands, Utrecht

    19th April 2017

    Mark West spoke

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