Martin Hamilton

Futurist at Jisc

Tomorrow, today See full bio

London in England

Spoken at 14 events in 3 countries

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Genevieve Smith-Nunes aka Pegleggen

Computing Teacher. Into techie geek stuff. love learning new things...Wife of @uniquevalue CAS Hub leader Sussex. Very poor at updating my blog

Liam Maxwell

Mostly about using tech as catalyst for better public services. How to beat the Department of No. bio from Twitter

Phil Windley

I build things; I write code; I void warranties bio from Twitter

Kate O'Neill

Inspired by data/tech/humanity. Meaningfulness-minded. Keynote speaker, author, consultant. Founder, KO Insights. Vegan foodie, #startups #equality #beer #cats

Matt Burgess

Journalist: Digital magazines / Writing book on FOI: @routledgebooks / Created: @FOIDirectory / mattburgess100@gmail.com bio from Twitter


I think, write and speak about how to live well and be a good ancestor... (pls note, I'm not able to answer all individual research queries or comments). bio from Twitter

David Parkes

Director Library & Learning, NatTeaching Fellow, digital, ed tech, learning spaces, psychogeography, heutagogy, museum, postpunk, walking also @DMULibDirector bio from Twitter

Bob Richards

Space entrepreneur. Orphan of Apollo. A Founder of the International Space University, Singularity University, SEDS, Odyssey Moon & Moon Express (CEO). bio from Twitter

Amanda Stiles

Space, science, web dev and tech enthusiast. Technical Operations Manager for Google Lunar X PRIZE (@glxp). bio from Twitter

Jeff Foust

Space industry analyst, writer, blogger, baseball fan. Links not endorsements; opinions my own. bio from Twitter

William Pomerantz

Vice President for Special Projects at Virgin Galactic. Former head of the $30 million Google Lunar X PRIZE. Opinions here are my own, not my employer's. bio from Twitter


Emotiv is a neuroengineering company that has brought to market a breakthrough interface technology for digital media taking inputs directly from the brain. bio from Twitter

Sarah Pearson

E-Resources & Serials Librarian at University of Birmingham bio from Twitter

Nnedi Okorafor, PhD

Naijamerican professor and international award-winning author of science fiction, juju fantasy, mystical realism and whatever. bio from Twitter

Bobak F.

Flight director on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity mission. Exercise fiend. Mediocre shortstop. bio from Twitter

Jim Knight

Lord Knight of Weymouth, Shadow Defra Minister in the Lords; consultant on education, technology & welfare bio from Twitter

Tim Harbour

Designer/developer and maker of internet. All round digital chap.

Andrew Back

open source :: technical communities :: electronics :: @ukoshug :: @wutheringbytes :: @solderpad bio from Twitter

Laura James

Engineering new technologies to help people. Generalist, gets stuff done. @doteveryoneuk, @fldrdy, @tech_we_trust. Ex-@cammakespace, @OKFN, Evi, AlertMe, AT&T bio from Twitter