Aaron Kalin

Sci-Fi Programming Geek with Ruby Red Hair.

Chicago in United States

Spoken at 10 events in 3 countries

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Trek Glowacki

I helped start @workantile and currently make mischief with @GrouponEng. @emberjs core team. @paul_irish once called me 'a hero'. bio from Twitter

Lindsey Bieda

computer scientist, feminist, software hacker, tea enthusiast, book worm, stenciler, and art kid wannabe bio from Twitter

Mike Monteiro

I speak about design, how do get good design done, responsibility and confidence.

Michael DeHaan

Photographer, electronic musician. Creator of Cobbler (http://cobbler.github.com) & Ansible (http://ansible.github.com). Cloud Engineering @rPath. bio from Twitter

Alan Johnson

I'm lead developer at Carsonified where I write code for Treehouse. I'm married to @tweetandlow. We have three kids. bio from Twitter

Coraline Ada Ehmke

Intersectional technologist. Transgender feminist. Code witch. Speaker, mentor, Ruby Rogues panelist. 'Notorious SJW' --Breitbart

Kerri Miller.to_ꃕ

Software Engineer, conference speaker, chef, poker player, glassworker, scooter mechanic, baseball & soccer fan, hiker.. but not in that order. bio from Twitter

Travis CI

Hi I'm Travis. I'm a hosted continuous integration and deployment service for open source and your private projects Follow @traviscistatus for status updates. bio from Twitter

Stephen Anderson

Building great teams, software and community from home base at @bendyworks bio from Twitter


Agile Ruby on Rails design & development shop located in Jacksonville, FL and Chicago.

Doc Norton

Husband, Father, Runner. Software Craftsman. Agile Coach/Practitioner. Nothing I say here represents my employer.

Sean Gaffney

Developer at @treehouse. I'm often unsure of what to do with my hair. bio from Twitter

Catherine Farman

Developer @HappyCog, responsive design fanatic, teacher @GDIPhilly

Joshua Timberman

I tweet about: Chef, Ruby, *ops, RPGs, video games, homebrew/craft beer, family, and politics. Internet meme and Buzzword compliant. I work for Opscode. bio from Twitter


I hack on @TravisCI and @JRuby. Airport lounge critic. My favorite elements are Beryllium and Erbium. Accepts hugs most of the time. bio from Twitter


Developer bio from Twitter

Lucas Willett

instructor @devbootcamp.a firm believer in every bit of your potential.

Carina C. Zona

Web developer with ♥ for Ruby. IT educator, sex educator, public speaker, baker of goodies. I like to help women be excited about coding professionally.

Aaron Bedra

Senior Fellow at Groupon and creator of Repsheet http://getrepsheet.com. Thoughts are my own. bio from Twitter