Matej Balantič

Mobile Engineer at SoundCloud

Matej has more than 10 years experience as a Software Engineer. He currently works on the iOS app at SoundCloud, ... See full bio

Berlin in Germany

Spoken at 2 events in 2 countries

Matej Balantič recently attended

  1. App Design & Development Conference - ADDC

    Spain Spain, Barcelona

    22nd23rd June 2017

    Matej Balantič was involved Co-organiser

  2. The Swift Alps

    Switzerland Switzerland, Crans-montana

    10th11th November 2016

    Matej Balantič attended

  3. NSSpain 2016

    Spain Spain, Logroño

    14th16th September 2016

    Matej Balantič spoke

  4. Mobile @Scale London

    England England, Greater London

    17th March 2016

    Matej Balantič spoke

  5. NSScotland 2015

    Scotland Scotland, Edinburgh

    23rd25th October 2015

    Matej Balantič attended

  6. WWDC 2015

    United States United States, San Francisco

    8th12th June 2015

    Matej Balantič attended

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