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Paul Maiorana

Solid man of New York. Director of Platform Services at @automattic bio from Twitter


Writing code for @Etsy and riding bikes for @GeekhouseBikes. bio from Twitter

Ben Matasar

Dabble DB - Twitter - ? bio from Twitter

Deepa Subramaniam

Group Product Manager, Web Platform @ Adobe. Former Flex SDK & Monocle Product Manager. Career giggler. Loving human. bio from Twitter

Hadi Partovi

Entrepreneur, startup advisor and investor. bio from Twitter

Taylor McKnight

travel, music, love // making @sched // used to make @hypem bio from Twitter

Kristen Swanson

Authentic Education Consultant, Adjunct M.Ed. Professor, Google Certified Teacher, Edcamper, TedXPhillyEd Speaker, Keystones Tech Integrator, Leader, Learner bio from Twitter


Heading up the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project, author of @MayorEmanuel, founder of Punk Planet magazine. bio from Twitter

Fareed Mosavat

Father, Winchester, MA. GM, Zynga, Cambridge, MA. bio from Twitter

Charlie Warzel

Media Reporter, @Adweek Magazine | 610.209.0157 | charlie.warzel at bio from Twitter

maxwell ogden

Computer programmer @dat_project working on open source data tools. Amateur cat photographer ( Author of JS For Cats bio from Twitter

Christopher Price

Tumblr Happiness Agent bio from Twitter

Tom Carden

British designer/developer in San Francisco. Currently @square. Formerly @databloom, @stamen. bio from Twitter

Susie Cagle

Graphic journalist. The Atlantic, AlterNet, Truthout, Citizen Radio, etc. Support: & Contact: susie.cagle at gmail bio from Twitter

Andrew Crow

Experience Design Director at GE. Designer, strategist, speaker. Former VP at Razorfish & Lead Designer at Adaptive Path. I like to poke things with sticks. bio from Twitter

Dan Phiffer

Maker of web things

Jorge Ortiz

Born in Mexico, school at Stanford, heart in SF, live in NYC, code in Scala, work at foursquare. bio from Twitter

John August

writer, director, blogger, teen detective bio from Twitter

Louis Gray

Silicon Valley Tech Blogger, Google+ PMM. Dad of 3. bio from Twitter