Matt Haughey

Hi! I write stuff at @SlackHQ and created @MetaFilter among other things. My life, my love, and my lady is the sea.

Spoken at 10 events in 3 countries

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Jorge Ortiz

Born in Mexico, school at Stanford, heart in SF, live in NYC, code in Scala, work at foursquare. bio from Twitter

John August

writer, director, blogger, teen detective bio from Twitter

Louis Gray

Silicon Valley Tech Blogger, Google+ PMM. Dad of 3. bio from Twitter

Chris Coyier

CSS-Tricks, CodePen, ShopTalk Show bio from Twitter

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Chris Dary

API Lead at @Etsy. Formerly: CTO of @readability, Partner at Arc90, creator of @kindlingapp. I’m obsessed with ideas and technology as a tool for social change. bio from Twitter

Tracy Chou

pinterest engineer! quora '10-11, stanford mscs '10, bsee '09. mayfield fellow '09. fb intern '08. goog intern '07. academic interests in ml & optimization. bio from Twitter

Mina Markham

Product Designer & Front-End Architect at @IBMdesign. Speaker. Sasstronaut. Organizer @FrontPorchIO. Founder @gdiDFW. @SyracuseU. INFP. STEMinist. ***Flawless

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Ian Bogost

Professor (Georgia Tech), Game Designer (Persuasive Games), Author (most recently, of How to Do Things with Videogames, bio from Twitter

Tim Hwang

shave and a haircut, two bits bio from Twitter

Philip Kaplan

Maker of websites & iPhone apps. Founder of Fandalism, TinyLetter, F-dcompany, AdBrite and more. Heavy metal drummer. bio from Twitter

Kelly Watkins

head of global marketing @SlackHQ | measuring out my life in coffee spoons | over here questioning your central premise bio from Twitter

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Joi Ito

Director, MIT @medialab, Chairman of @puretechh, co-author of @whiplashfuture bio from Twitter

Simone Giertz

People call me the Queen of Shitty Robots. Youtuber. Swedish. On a personal mission to go to space. Business inquiries: bio from Twitter

J. Kenji López-Alt

Guy who cooks at SeriousEats. Author of The Food Lab. Beatles lover. Husband to a SeriousCryptographer. Feminist. Relaxed and groovy atheist. Filter needer. bio from Twitter

Azeem Azhar

Entrepreneur, product, strategist, speaker, Exponential View. Venture @ Schibsted. Prev PeerIndex, BBC, The Economist. AI, economics, neuroscience. 🔮🌟🤔 bio from Twitter

Josh Williams

Product at Facebook. Former co-founder + CEO at Gowalla. Maker of the finest margarita in Noe Valley. bio from Twitter

billy eichner

Billy Eichner, TV host of the comedy game show Funny or Die's Billy on the Street. Thursday nights on FUSE (@fusetv) at 11pm/10 CT! bio from Twitter

Barack Obama

This account is run by Organizing for Action staff. Tweets from the President are signed -bo. bio from Twitter

Michelle Obama

This account is run by #Obama2012 campaign staff. Tweets from the First Lady are signed -mo. bio from Twitter