Matt McKegg

Music hacker and button pusher. https://soundcloud.com/destroy-with-science http://loopjs.com

A JavaScript hacker and backyard musician and from Wellington, NZ. Lover of all things open and modular. I spend most ... See full bio

Wellington in New Zealand

Spoken at 4 events in 3 countries

Matt McKegg recently attended

  1. JSConf.Asia 2016

    Singapore Singapore

    25th26th November 2016

    Matt McKegg spoke

  2. Node PDX 2016

    United States United States, Portland

    19th21st June 2016

    Matt McKegg spoke

  3. CampJS VII

    Australia Australia, Sydney

    3rd6th June 2016

    Matt McKegg spoke

  4. JSConf.Asia 2015

    Singapore Singapore, Central Singapore

    19th20th November 2015

    Matt McKegg spoke

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