Max Johns

Better web content, because I give a damn

Accidental web nerd, long-time word wrangler, qualified but sometimes reluctant marketer. The last time Max Johns spoke at CSForum, in ... See full bio

Auckland in New Zealand

Spoken at 6 events in 3 countries

Max Johns recently attended

  1. 2017 Content and communities summit

    New Zealand New Zealand, Auckland

    28th29th March 2017

    Max Johns spoke

  2. Auckland Content Strategy Meetup: February 2017

    New Zealand New Zealand, Auckland

    2nd February 2017

    Max Johns was involved spoke

  3. Content Strategy Forum 2016 | CSForum16

    Australia Australia, Melbourne

    5th7th October 2016

    Max Johns spoke

  4. Webstock 2015

    New Zealand New Zealand, Wellington

    16th20th February 2015

    Max Johns attended

  5. UX Design Day

    New Zealand New Zealand, Dunedin

    31st October 2014

    Max Johns spoke

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