Melody Hensley

Activist, Secular Celebrant, atheist, secular humanist, skeptic, intersectional feminist

Washington in United States

Spoken at 4 events in 1 country

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Niki M

Writer, Clinic Escort, Ace, Fibrobabe, Atheist, Intersectional Feminist

Lynn Cyrin

Queer Trans computer femme (p: she) // Python web developer rebuilding your internet with @CollectQT bio from Twitter


The Southern Poverty Law Center is a nonprofit organization that combats hate, intolerance and discrimination through education and litigation. bio from Twitter

Fallon Fox

Professional MMA Fighter, Writer, Public Speaker bio from Twitter

Warren Whitlock

Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer,Author of "Profitable Social Media" and the 1st book on Twitter, Publisher, Blogger and Radio Show Host

Sarah Levin

Professional Secular Activist. Backpacker. Feminist. Two-state solutionist. Spanish-speaker, salsa dancer and amateur whistler. bio from Twitter


Frightening Conservative clergy, building and serving secular communities of atheist/humanist/free-thought, promoting local cooperation, enjoying life (&wine)! bio from Twitter

Laura Burns

Tweets about space stuff from @moonrangerlaura; Engineer, Mistress of all trades, Master of None; Science Fiction Fan; Dance Fan; Textile art and craft fan bio from Twitter

William Brinkman

Bolingbrook's first and only tabloid! All tweets are works of fiction bio from Twitter

Russell Glasser

Atheist nano-celebrity in Austin. MS in Software Engineering. Lover of online games, politics, and other things that require strategy. bio from Twitter

SJW Vivian

NSFW. ≥18 only. I’m that radical transsexual queer SJVV that 8chan warned you about. White. Pronoun: They. (Not a “she” or “he.”) I block early & often. bio from Twitter

James the red nosed

Developer of the @TheBlockBot, #SJWebdev (his/him) ... My IT performance focussed account is @JDBillingham, all opinions still my own :) bio from Twitter

gretta vosper

Irritating the church into the 21st century. bio from Twitter


Head of Development at Giant Spacekat, specializing in cinematic experiences using Unreal. I race motorcycles and love dance music. bio from Twitter

Luciano Floridi

Oxford philosopher: philosophy/ethics of information, phil of technology https://www.amazon.com/author/lucianofloridi bio from Twitter

Sincere Kirabo

Pro-#SocialJustice. #HumanRights. Skeptic. Gadfly. Writer. Philosophile. Blogger. Black Nonbelievers Board Member. American Atheists RD. bio from Twitter

Greg Epstein

Humanist Chaplain @Harvard. Author of NY Times Bestselling book Good Without God: What a Billion Non-Religious People Do Believe. Directs @HarvardHumanist. bio from Twitter

Juhem Navarro-Rivera

Senior Policy Analyst @Demos_org focusing on Freedom to vote and Money in politics. Other scholarly interests include Latino Politics; Secularism & Politics bio from Twitter

Nathan Hevenstone

I hate straight, white, cis-gendered, able-bodied men. #FTBullies FTW! bio from Twitter