Mariano Iglesias

Hacker-in-Chief of @workana

Mariano serves as CTO of Workana, a leading platform for remote work in Latin America. He leads several open source ... See full bio

Miramar in Argentina

Spoken at 18 events in 8 countries

Mariano Iglesias recently attended

  1. CakeFest 2017

    United States United States, New York

    8th11th June 2017

    Mariano Iglesias spoke

  2. PHP Conference Brasil 2015

    Brazil Brazil, Osasco

    2nd6th December 2015

    Mariano Iglesias spoke

  3. PHP Conference Brasil

    Brazil Brazil, Osasco

    4th7th December 2014

    Mariano Iglesias spoke

  4. PHP Conference Argentina 2014

    Argentina Argentina, Buenos Aires

    7th9th November 2014

    Mariano Iglesias was involved spoke

  5. CakeFest 2014

    Spain Spain, Madrid

    21st24th August 2014

    Mariano Iglesias spoke

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