Monika Grafika

Web designer and passionate about digital media. I see everything in RGB at 72 dpi.

Cali in Colombia

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  1. Awwwards - Love Days

    France France, Paris

    13th14th February 2014

    Monika Grafika attended

    Since I first became a web designer, I have known the awwwards to be the best recognition prizes to give us web designers. As an amateur designer I became more and more involved with blogs and by reading I realized that the awwwards are one great tool to research what is being done around the world, what works, what doesn´t and why is it so important to take certain aspects of design, such as: navigation, content and aesthetics, under consideration before developing any new project. I look forward to meet and talk to such great professionals of my field from around the world, and bring back to my country all the knowledge that only the best of the best can provide me with.

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