Martin Hawksey

Innovation, Community & Technology Officer @A_L_T | Google Expert Apps Script | Interested in Open Education, EdTech, Mashups, Analytics, Data, Networks, \o/

Spoken at 10 events in 2 countries

Attended 15 past events

  1. IWMW 2.014 (Institutional Web Management Workshop)

    England England, Newcastle upon Tyne

    16th18th July 2014

    Martin Hawksey spoke

  2. GEUG14

    England England, York

    23rd24th June 2014

    Martin Hawksey spoke

  3. No way back? Exploring the impact, data and potential of MOOCs

    England England, Southampton

    6th November 2013

    Martin Hawksey was involved

  4. ALT-C 2013

    England England, Nottingham

    10th12th September 2013

    Martin Hawksey attended

  5. IWMW 2013 (Institutional Web Management Workshop)

    England England, Bath

    26th28th June 2013

    Martin Hawksey spoke

  6. Internet Librarian International 2012

    England England, London

    30th31st October 2012

    Martin Hawksey spoke

  7. IWMW 2012 (Institutional Web Management Workshop)

    Scotland Scotland, Edinburgh University

    18th20th June 2012

    Martin Hawksey spoke

  8. eAssessment Scotland 2011

    Scotland Scotland, Dundee

    26th August 2011

    Martin Hawksey was involved spoke

  9. Metrics and Social Web Services: Quantitative Evidence for their Use and Impact

    England England, Milton Keynes

    11th July 2011

    Martin Hawksey attended

  10. Open for Education

    Scotland Scotland, Edinburgh

    20th May 2011

    Martin Hawksey was involved Organiser

  11. JISC Conference 2011

    England England, Liverpool

    14th15th March 2011

    Martin Hawksey attended

  12. Google Apps for Education UK User Group - February 2011

    England England, Loughborough

    15th February 2011

    Martin Hawksey spoke

  13. Haggis and Mash

    Scotland Scotland, Edinburgh

    25th January 2011

    Martin Hawksey spoke

  14. JISC Winter Fayre 2010

    Scotland Scotland, Edinburgh

    9th10th December 2010

    Martin Hawksey was involved organiser spoke

  15. e-Assessment Scotland 2010

    Scotland Scotland, Dundee

    3rd September 2010

    Martin Hawksey spoke

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