Michael Kamleitner

CEO- & Co-Founder of Die Socialisten, Product Manager at Swat.io & Walls.io

Michael Kamleitner (http://fb.com/michael.kamleitner) is CEO & Co-Founder of "Die So-cialisten". The Vienna-based Social Software-agency is listed in Facebooks Preferred Marketing ... See full bio

Vienna in Austria

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  1. EnjoyWorkCamp Stuttgart 2014

    Germany Germany, Stuttgart

    14th15th November 2014

    Michael Kamleitner tracked

  2. jQuery Europe 2014

    Austria Austria, Vienna

    28th February to 1st March 2014

    Michael Kamleitner tracked

  3. ChromeCamp

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    9th November 2013

    Michael Kamleitner tracked

  4. BarCamp Graz 2013

    Austria Austria, Graz

    26th28th April 2013

    Michael Kamleitner tracked

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