Michael T Minella

Husband, Father, Technologist, Author of Pro Spring Batch, Woodworker, Photographer, Educator, Thrill seeker, Student. Thoughts are my own.

Michael Minella is a software engineer, teacher and author with over a decade of enterprise development experience. Michael was a ... See full bio

Aurora in United States

Spoken at 15 events in 2 countries

Tracking 3 upcoming events

  1. JavaOne 2015

    United States United States, San Francisco

    25th29th October 2015

    Michael T Minella is tracking

  2. Devoxx Belgium 2015

    Belgium Belgium, Antwerp

    9th13th November 2015

    Michael T Minella is tracking

  3. DevNexus 2016

    United States United States, Atlanta

    15th17th February 2016

    Michael T Minella is tracking

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