Michel Grootjans

Spoken at 6 events in 3 countries

Michel Grootjans recently attended

  1. Domain-Driven Design Europe 2017

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    31st January to 3rd February 2017

    Michel Grootjans spoke

  2. Het Denkgelag: A Passion for Science and Reason

    Belgium Belgium, Antwerp

    26th January 2015

    Michel Grootjans attended

  3. Agile Tour Brussels 2014

    Belgium Belgium, Brussels

    31st October 2014

    Michel Grootjans spoke

  4. XP Days Benelux 2013

    Belgium Belgium, Mechelen

    28th29th November 2013

    Michel Grootjans spoke

  5. ACCU 2013

    England England, Bristol

    9th13th April 2013

    Michel Grootjans spoke

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