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Ward Cunningham

Objects, Patterns, Agile, Wiki bio from Twitter

Kent Beck

Programmer, author, father, husband, goat farmer bio from Twitter


Merging Agile, mobile devices and product management. Oh, and building great products such as @thinglink in the time left! bio from Twitter

Martin Fowler

Loud Mouth, ThoughtWorks bio from Twitter

Ari Tanninen

Better purpose, better organizations, better management, better products, better business, better life. UCD, systems thinking, complexity, agile, lean, zen.

Jeff Sutherland

Co-Creator of Scrum bio from Twitter

Marko Taipale

Entrepreneur, CTO of Huitale helping other companies to improve. Applying agile, lean and systems thinking. bio from Twitter

Michael Feathers

Director, R7K LLC bio from Twitter

Uncle Bob Martin

Software Craftsman bio from Twitter

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