Milen Dyankov

Developer Advocate @ Liferay

Passionate about designing and building software! Enjoying helping others design and build good software! The rest is photos, music and ... See full bio

Lodz in Poland

Spoken at 50 events in 22 countries

Spoke at 4 past events in Germany

Currently only showing events in Germany   See all

  1. Liferay DEVCON 2016

    Germany Germany, Darmstadt

    14th16th November 2016

    Milen Dyankov was involved spoke

  2. OSGi Community Event

    Germany Germany, Ludwigsburg

    25th27th October 2016

    Milen Dyankov spoke

  3. Codemotion Berlin 2016

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    24th25th October 2016

    Milen Dyankov spoke

  4. Liferay Developer Conference 2015

    Germany Germany, Darmstadt

    7th8th October 2015

    Milen Dyankov spoke

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