Milen Dyankov

Developer Advocate @ Liferay

Passionate about designing and building software! Enjoying helping others design and build good software! The rest is photos, music and ... See full bio

Lodz in Poland

Spoken at 50 events in 22 countries

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Simon Ritter

Working as a technology evangelist at Oracle Corporation. Spreading the world on all Java technologies, far and wide. bio from Twitter

Sam Newman

Independent techie consultant focusing on Microservices, cloud and CD. Wrote Building Microservices. May contain cricket, NRL and board game references. bio from Twitter

Dan North

Optimizer of organizations, teams and software, programmer, Agile coach, technologist, troublemaker. Christian, husband, occasional blogger.

Simon Brown

Independent consultant specialising in software architecture, author of 'Software Architecture for Developers', award-winning speaker, founder @structurizr bio from Twitter

Sven Peters

I'm a software geek working for Atlassian. I love programming and helping dev teams to kick ass!

Zeno Rocha

Developer Advocate at Liferay, inc • Co-founder at BrazilJS • Member at Google Developer Expert program

Andrzej Grzesik

building distributed systems

Konrad Malawski

hAkker @ Typesafe/Lightbend; Believing that: Life is Study! - Kintaro Oe; java.pl http://geecon.org krakowscala.pl http://sckrk.com lambdakrk.pl bio from Twitter

Markus Eisele

Two girls. One life. Writing code and more. Getting better at what I do. Every. single. day.

☕ J. B. Rainsberger

European stuck in a Canadian's body. Barista. 5-pin Bowler. Adviser to software companies. Lifestyle designer. Friend. http://online-training.jbrains.ca bio from Twitter

Svetlin Nakov

Svetlin Nakov is distinguished software engineer and trainer with over 15 years of technical background in .NET, Java, databases and Web applications. bio from Twitter

Christian Schneider

Software Architect in the Talend Apache Team. Committer in the Apache projects Camel, CXF and Karaf. Focus on enabling practical integration solutions on OSGi.

Neil Bartlett

OSGi and Eclipse expert, Haskell enthusiast bio from Twitter


OSGi Technical Director and Evangelist bio from Twitter

Jean-Baptiste Onofré

Apache Member, Apache ServiceMix PMC. Apache Karaf PMC. Apache ACE Commiter. Apache Camel Commiter. Apache Archiva Commiter. bio from Twitter

Tom Gilb

Teacher Author Consultant bio from Twitter

Uncle Bob Martin

Software Craftsman bio from Twitter

Kevlin Henney

consultant · father · husband · itinerant · programmer · speaker · trainer · writer