Anton Zuiker

Organizer of online community & face-to-face gatherings. Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Vanuatu '97-99). I work at Duke University; my tweets are mine only.

Spoken at 3 events in 2 countries

Attended 5 past events

  1. Science Online 2013

    United States United States, Raleigh

    30th January to 2nd February 2013

    Anton Zuiker spoke

  2. ScienceOnline2012

    United States United States, Raleigh

    19th22nd January 2012

    Anton Zuiker was involved Organiser

  3. Science Online London 2011

    England England, London

    2nd3rd September 2011

    Anton Zuiker spoke

  4. Science Online NYC

    United States United States, New York

    20th April 2011

    Anton Zuiker attended

  5. ScienceOnline2011

    United States United States, Chapel Hill

    13th15th January 2011

    Anton Zuiker was involved spoke

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