Michael Kühnel

Frontend Developer

Talking about Markup, CSS, JavaScript and related stuff. English/German. Working for @micromata. See full bio

Kassel in Germany

Spoken at 2 events in 1 country

Michael Kühnel recently attended

  1. CSSconf EU 2017

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    5th May 2017

    Michael Kühnel attended

  2. Front-Trends 2016

    Poland Poland, Warsaw

    18th20th May 2016

    Michael Kühnel attended

  3. Webmontag Kassel 12

    Germany Germany, Kassel

    25th January 2016

    Michael Kühnel was involved

  4. CSSconf EU 2015

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    26th September 2015

    Michael Kühnel attended

  5. NightlyBuild 2015

    Germany Germany, Cologne

    4th September 2015

    Michael Kühnel attended

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