Michael Ludwig

Product Owner Mobile Apps & Web at STYLIGHT, Blogger, Sketchnoter and Swimmer.

Michael Ludwig is a Senior Product Owner at STYLIGHT, leading two teams specialized in mobile apps and web development. He ... See full bio

Munich in Germany

Spoken at 1 event in 1 country

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adam connor

Dad, Husband, Illustrator, Speaker, Co-author @DiscussingD, Designer @MadPow. Obsessed with the creative process. The beard is where I keep all my good ideas. bio from Twitter

net magazine

The No 1 magazine for web designers & developers, established in 1994. Organiser of http://GenerateConf.com. Also see https://medium.com/net-magazine. bio from Twitter

Albrecht Günther

Naive cynic, control illusionist, victim subscriber, empathy gap fan, attribution error handler, bias blind spotter, anchorer, stereotyper bio from Twitter

Cemre Güngör

design-founder of @branch. this account is my design water cooler, friends & personal tweets at @cemregungor. bio from Twitter

David J Bland

Disrupting your OODA Loop.

Harry McCracken

Technologizer founder. TIME, CNET, and AllBusiness.com contributor. Boy journalist. Bon vivant. bio from Twitter

Christian Deger

Where is my platform? bio from Twitter

Tim Herbig

Produktmanager Mobile @sternde. Co-Author at @mobilezeitgeist. Big fan of Swimming & triathlon. Mixing more business & less private. bio from Twitter

Anna Lena

all things visual #vizthink #dataviz #graphicrecording #graphicfacilitation, educated #kaospilot. I work for fun and freedom, money and meaning. bio from Twitter

Christoph Schmitter

Amazon Web Services - @awscloud bio from Twitter

Nadine Brendel

Mobile enthusiast. Interested in startups, technology & innovation. Addicted to music, travelling, running & sushi. bio from Twitter

claude mindt-kries

fabulous user experiences and products. #UX lead @#XING_de in #Hamburg. dedicated music and #vinyl enthusiast. bio from Twitter

Mark Jäger

Ships. Hamburg. Mobile. Apps. Startups. Muzak. Did I mention ships? Product guy @ Digital Pioneers – check http://stuffe.it @mark_jaeger on the old app.net bio from Twitter

Rishad Tobaccowala

Reinventing bio from Twitter

Stylight Tech

We are the Stylight Tech team. read our blog at http://tech.stylight.com join our events: http://meetup.com/stylight #python #MachineLearning #Microservices bio from Twitter

Scott Jehl

Maker of web things. One of the Filament Group. bio from Twitter

Rand Fishkin

CEO + founder of SEOmoz. I tweet 50-75X/week primarily on inbound marketing, SEO, startups & entrepreneurship. bio from Twitter

Sequoia Capital

A startup building partner to founders who want to turn business ideas into enduring companies. bio from Twitter