molly e. holzschlag

OPEN! #source, #web, #society and #technology advocate. #webdev #ability #a11y #social #empathy #webdesign #science #language #puns #pain #love

Spoken at 57 events in 9 countries

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Rather than posting content on 3rd-party silos, we should all begin owning our data when we create it. bio from Twitter

Nico Schober

Skilled #Frontend #CSS Developer for @eventimDE, Europe's largest ticket retailer, CSS aficionado and teaching teens the web at #hackerschool bio from Twitter

Andre Jay Meissner

Metalhead @AdobeXD, goes by Jay. Wood processing. Building stuff. Passionate DIR diver. Fuelling http://IxDAberlin.de @IxDAb + http://OpenDeviceLab.com @ODL

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Keith J. Grant

JavaScript, CSS, UX, and the open web. Author of CSS in Depth (2017)

Craig Engler

I'm a senior executive at Syfy. I talk about what it’s like to work at the channel, answer questions & sometimes give stuff away. bio from Twitter

WebExpo Prague

The Web Is Our DNA!


User Experience Engineering for Complex Systems. Our tweets are all about Usability and UX. bio from Twitter


Hobbyist Developer

Brian Fanzo

Brian Fanzo aka iSocialFanz: Translator of Geek-Speak, Change Evangelist & Millennial Keynote Speaker

The Web Guild

A not-for-profit org which gives a voice to developers, designers and marketers who believe in a better #digital code of conduct. #standards #lookfortheseal bio from Twitter

Beth Dean

Creep making comics, posters and toys as @_blackforest and designing @ Facebook. Liking all your dog pics. Prolific hiker. bio from Twitter

Christopher Ferris

Distinguished Engineer CTO Cloud Interoperability - standards & OSS wonk - tennis addict. This is my personal account. The opinions expressed here are my own. bio from Twitter

Pete Hunt

Engineer at Facebook bio from LinkedIn

Rep. Barbara Lee

Hi! I'm Congresswoman Barbara Lee, and I proudly represent California's 13th Congressional District in the US House of Representatives. bio from Twitter

Ehsan Butt

Uni. Teacher, Author, Historian, Islamic Scholar, & Indus. Consultant, PhD engineering from University of London U.K, Pr. Advancing Rational Faith Academy.

Mirabai Knight, CCP

Certified CART Provider (realtime captioner for the Deaf and hard of hearing), ASL student, and novice Python programmer. bio from Twitter

Nikolay Bachiyski

Meta Engineer at @automattic, programming, abstraction, asking why, travel; the silliest of the rationals and the most rational of the sillies bio from Twitter

V A M Sriram

Python developer @ Pramati Technologies, Occasional ranter(read Blogger), Amateur Photographer, Computational Biologist, Perl, Userstyles, Improper Bostonian. bio from Twitter

Clive Thompson

Journalist, blogger, musician. Wired mag columnist, contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine. Writing a book about how tech affects our thought. bio from Twitter