David Březina

Type designer, typographer, teacher, lecturer, writer, Czech, … designed Skolar. Chieftain at @rosettatype .

David Březina is a Czech type designer and typographer, writer, lecturer, the impresario of the TypeTalks conference, and the managing ... See full bio

Brno in Czech Republic

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  1. 6th ICTVC | International Conference on Typography & Visual Communication

    Greece Greece, Thessaloniki

    5th9th July 2016

    David Březina attended

  2. Ampersand 2015

    England England, Brighton

    13th November 2015

    David Březina attended

  3. ATypI 2013

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    9th13th October 2013

    David Březina spoke

  4. Smashing Conference 2013

    Germany Germany, Freiburg

    9th11th September 2013

    David Březina spoke

  5. TypeTalks 3

    Czech Republic Czech Republic, Brno

    6th7th September 2013

    David Březina was involved spoke

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