Maarten Mulders

Whiteboard Addict, Continuous Delivery Junkie & Automated Testing Hippie. If it builds, ship it!

Enthusiastic senior developer, trainer and architect with a passion for elegant and simple solutions. I love building the right thing ... See full bio

Nieuwegein in Netherlands

Spoken at 6 events in 5 countries

Maarten Mulders recently attended

  1. Devoxx 2017

    Belgium Belgium, Antwerp

    6th10th November 2017

    Maarten Mulders spoke

  2. JBCNConf 2017

    Spain Spain, Barcelona

    19th21st June 2017

    Maarten Mulders spoke

  3. Jfokus 2017

    Sweden Sweden, Stockholm

    6th8th February 2017

    Maarten Mulders spoke

  4. JBCNConf 2016

    Spain Spain, Barcelona

    16th18th June 2016

    Maarten Mulders spoke

  5. JavaCro'16

    Croatia Croatia, Rovinj

    18th20th May 2016

    Maarten Mulders spoke

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