Michel Ferreira

Senior Designer, Front-end Developer, Speaker and Brand Consultant

Michel studies the science behind good and bad websites. In hopes of finding remedies for the common illnesses of dotcom ... See full bio

Amsterdam in Netherlands

Spoken at 5 events in 3 countries

Michel Ferreira recently attended

  1. code.talks 2016

    Germany Germany, Hamburg

    29th30th September 2016

    Michel Ferreira spoke

  2. Generate London 2016

    England England, London

    21st23rd September 2016

    Michel Ferreira spoke

  3. Front End Design Conf

    United States United States, St. Petersburg

    15th17th June 2016

    Michel Ferreira spoke

  4. Fronteers 2015

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    8th9th October 2015

    Michel Ferreira attended

  5. Data, Decisions & Designers

    United States United States, Atlanta

    20th April 2015

    Michel Ferreira spoke

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