Naomi Atkinson

Designer, illustrator, and retailer. Passionate about brand, the web, and never says no to tea.

Newcastle upon Tyne City in England

Spoken at 12 events in 5 countries

Naomi Atkinson recently attended

  1. FITC Toronto 2015

    Canada Canada, Toronto

    12th14th April 2015

    Naomi Atkinson spoke

  2. FITC Amsterdam 2015

    Netherlands Netherlands, Amsterdam

    23rd24th February 2015

    Naomi Atkinson spoke

  3. Collide

    Canada Canada, Halifax

    22nd24th October 2014

    Naomi Atkinson spoke

  4. Reasons to: 2014

    England England, Brighton

    1st3rd September 2014

    Naomi Atkinson attended

  5. The Meat

    Scotland Scotland, Aberdeen City

    31st May 2014

    Naomi Atkinson spoke

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