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Marina Martin

Type-A efficiency consultant. Rails/Java dev. Kale lover. Edge case. Author, Business Efficiency for Dummies. EIR @ US Dept of ED + @ProjectOpenData PIF. bio from Twitter

Jeanne Holm

Open Data, Innovation, and Education Entrepreneur

Alexis Lloyd

Creative Director @nytlabs. I like the weirdness of humans, machines, and complex systems. bio from Twitter

Soam Acharya

Head of Application Architecture at Altiscale. Previously, Chief Scientist at Limelight Networks (Video Platform Services). Former Yahoo & Inktomite bio from Twitter

Michelle Lee

2012 Code for America fellow, previously of Google Maps and Docs. Impatient with how the world works, but sleeves are rolled all the way up. Also: @TeamBT. bio from Twitter

Lynn Cherny

Data Consultant (Data Analysis/Mining/Graphical Data); Infovis, Python, R, Stats, Javascript, Gender, Science Fiction, TV, ex-research and UX person. bio from Twitter

Tamara Manik-Perlman

2013 Code for America Fellow. listener. reader. dissenter. eater. geographer. crank. bio from Twitter

Jen Lowe

gonzo dataist connecting people + numbers + words. Researching at @S_I_D_L. Building @sfpc_school. Reading at @jen_is_reading. bio from Twitter

Chrys Wu

Journalist. Strategist. Coder. Cook. @NYCRubyWomen founder, @HacksHackersNYC co-organizer, @AwesomeNYC trustee. Talking is good; making is better. bio from Twitter

Marsha Haverty

UX, IA, information discovery, science

Max Levchin

entrepreneur (PayPal, Slide), investor (Yelp, etc), l33t h@x0r, cyclist bio from Twitter

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics World is the business-focused event for predictive analytics professionals, managers and commercial practitioners. bio from Twitter

John Akred

Founder & CTO @ Silicon Valley Data Science bio from LinkedIn


You had me at JSON

Michael Washington

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch http://LightSwitchHelpWebsite.com bio from Twitter

Jud Bowman

founder & CEO, Appia - open app marketplace bio from Twitter

Shivon Zilis

Brains, trAIns, and automobiles. All about machine intelligence for good. Equal parts nerd and athlete. Increasingly nomadic. Made in Canada. bio from Twitter

Andrew Brust

Founder/CEO, Blue Badge Insights; CTO, Tallan; RedDevNews.com columnist; author Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2008; Microsoft tech influencer, quoted expert. bio from Twitter

Adam Cogan [SSW]

Chief Architect & MS Regional Director & MVP. Loves MVC, SharePoint, TFS & CRM. Read facebook.com/adamcogan Better than twitter as it has threaded comments bio from Twitter

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