Gitte Klitgaard

Agile addict, hugger, believer in Altruistic Reciprocity, aunt, dragon lady, hippie, pirate, vulnerable and brave :)

Gitte Klitgaard is an agile coach, hugger, friend, and much more. She only speaks at conferences that has a code ... See full bio

Risskov in Denmark

Spoken at 21 events in 13 countries

Gitte Klitgaard recently attended

  1. GOTO Copenhagen 2017

    Denmark Denmark, Copenhagen

    1st5th October 2017

    Gitte Klitgaard spoke

  2. London Lean Kanban Days 2017

    England England, London

    3rd4th April 2017

    Gitte Klitgaard spoke

  3. European Testing Conference 2017

    Finland Finland, Helsinki

    8th10th February 2017

    Gitte Klitgaard spoke

  4. GOTO Berlin 2016

    Germany Germany, Berlin

    14th16th November 2016

    Gitte Klitgaard spoke

  5. Lean Agile Scotland

    Scotland Scotland, Edinburgh

    4th7th October 2016

    Gitte Klitgaard spoke

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