Nick Wynkoop

Offer Web Marketing

As a web marketing professional, Nick’s polymathic education and experience has helped him become a truly innovative communicator and consultant. ... See full bio

Boise in United States

Spoken at 3 events in 1 country

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Jonathan Haidt

Professor of Psychology, UVA. I study the intuitive foundations of morality and political partisanship. bio from Twitter


Serial seattle start-up guy & seed investor. Founder of Zapd, Inkd, & Imagekind.com. See CuriousOffice.com. bio from Twitter

Berger Föhr

Design + Product @elloworld bio from Twitter

ian bremmer

political scientist, author, prof at nyu, columnist at time, ostensible intellectual entrepreneur, president of @eurasiagroup bio from Twitter


@creativeLIVE is a live, online worldwide creative classroom offering FREE education in photography, filmmaking, web design and more! bio from Twitter

Brad Frazer

Experienced Internet, IP and IT Lawyer bio from LinkedIn

Philip D. Bennett

Founder/CEO at Collabortank bio from LinkedIn

Deke McClelland

Self-appointed expert on all things graphics and imaging. bio from Twitter

Van Tucker

Founder @ Skybolt Studios & Trails Ventures. bio from Twitter

Gov. Mike Huckabee

Former AR Gov, FOX Host, Bass Guitarist, Radio Commentator bio from Twitter

Mark Yolton

SVP Digital, Social, Communities (DiSCo) at SAP. Views are mine, not necessarily SAP's. Also: Dad, Captain, Harley Road King. http://scn.sap.com/welcome bio from Twitter

Alex de Carvalho

Creating spaces for people to connect, including BarCamp Miami, Ignite Miami, @smcsf, and The Startup Forum, among other events bio from Twitter

Mike McCue

Flipboard co-founder, ceo bio from Twitter

Emily Steel

US Media and Marketing Correspondent w/ the @FT. Previously w/ @WSJ. Views are my own. Email: emily.steel@ft.com. http://www.ft.com bio from Twitter

Marcel LeBrun

SVP and GM, Salesforce Radian6 - social media monitoring, analysis and engagement platform - http://www.radian6.com (Radian6 is now a Salesforce.com company) bio from Twitter

Richard Rosenblatt

Co-Founder, Chrm and CEO, Demand Media bio from Twitter

Mary Dean

CMO who practices what she preaches about marketing to women and Gender 2.0 at KickSkirt.com bio from Twitter

Ed Reese

Husband. Father. Internet Marketer specializing in Local Search, Organic SEO, & Analytics. Still striving for a pro career in disc golf, bowling, or foosball. bio from Twitter


SecondMarket is the leading marketplace for alternative investments. bio from Twitter


Hello! I'm Faris. I'm looking for the awesome. bio from Twitter