Nick Schonning

Senior Developer/Analyst at Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Govie by day, open source over commiter by night See full bio

Ottawa in Canada

Spoken at 4 events in 2 countries

Nick Schonning recently attended

  1. CanUX 2016

    Canada Canada, Ottawa

    12th13th November 2016

    Nick Schonning attended

  2. CSUN 2016

    United States United States, San Diego

    21st26th March 2016

    Nick Schonning attended

  3. Accessibility Camp Toronto 2015

    Canada Canada, Toronto

    17th October 2015

    Nick Schonning attended

  4. 2nd Accessibility Camp Bay Area

    United States United States, Mountain View

    28th February 2015

    Nick Schonning attended

  5. a11yYOW - Accessibility Camp Ottawa

    Canada Canada, Ottawa

    6th December 2014

    Nick Schonning was involved

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