Niket Puranik

I believes in turning ideas into reality.

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Maximiliano Firtman

mobile+web+performance author+speaker+trainer. Author of High Performance Mobile Web from O'Reilly | http://firt.mobi | En español: @maxifirtman bio from Twitter

David Walsh

MooTools & jQuery Consultant, MooTools Core Developer, Javascript Fanatic, CSS Tinkerer, PHP Hacker, and web lover. bio from Twitter

Peter Cooper

Friendly content strategist @CooperPress, noisy introvert, loves programming, jokes, indie gamedev, hip hop, and media experiments. O'Reilly @FluentConf chair. bio from Twitter

Kiran Jonnalagadda

Purveyor of the finest retweets and other ideas of questionable merit. Helped make @internetfreedom, @hasgeek, @hasjob and @KilterCon. bio from Twitter

Paul Irish

I want the web to win • Chrome dev relations • currently fascinated with front-end tooling and browser devtools • big fan of sorbet, research and whimsy


Open source, JSON-based, document database with dynamic schemas. For questions, please see the MongoDB User Forum http://bit.ly/14jACJo bio from Twitter


The Indian edition of the international Ruby programming language conference. bio from Twitter

Shakthi Kannan

Free Software developer. Foodie. Movie buff. Speaker. Idealist. Purist. bio from Twitter

Martin Fowler

Loud Mouth, ThoughtWorks bio from Twitter

sandeep reddy

Loves writing code,swimming, Physics and Philosophy bio from Twitter

500 Startups

Seed fund and mentorship-driven accelerator program focused on helping startups succeed through design, data & distribution. Blowing up startups since 2010. bio from Twitter

A Googler

News and updates from Google bio from Twitter

Mozilla Hacks

Official Mozilla account for web developers. Learn about new web technologies, great HTML5 apps, and Firefox features. bio from Twitter

Divya Manian

Armchair Anarchist • Product Manager @adobe bio from Twitter

Jeff Atwood

Is it more interesting to talk about software than it is to develop software? bio from Twitter

Gautam Rege

Rubyist, Entrepreneur, Author, Co-founder and Director at http://www.joshsoftware.com


hackfest.in : Doers-to Doers monthly hackathon. We are organizing hackfest meetup every month in Pune. Join us! bio from Twitter

Akshay Mankar

ThoughtWorker. FOSS User/Promoter. Hacker, but not a cracker. bio from Twitter

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