Niklas Högefjord

Web developer & WordPress addict. WooCommerce extension builder. @krokedilwp founder. WP Arvika meetup organizer. Husband & father. Tweets in English & Swedish.

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Web Savvy Marketing

Specializing in SEO friendly website design and stock #WordPress themes. Recommended #GenesisWP developers. Tweets by @RebeccaGill. bio from Twitter

Brian Casel

Web Designer, Founder of CasJam Media. bio from Twitter

Petya Raykovska

Making things happen @humanmadeltd. Helping the WordPress Polyglots. @WCEurope organizer. Chasing music around the globe. Tiniest ears ever. I care. bio from Twitter

Kasia Świderska

Front-end webdeveloper. bio from Twitter

Milica Rancic

Lecturer/researcher at the University of Nis, Faculty of Electronic Eng. bio from Twitter

Francesco Laffi

web developer, industrial engineer, bmw rider! bio from Twitter

Patrik Jarl

Spotify abuser from Sweden. Do web beautiful from the front end of town. Hej hej! bio from Twitter

John Arundel

Sysadmin, devop, and hacker for hire. Author of 'The Puppet 2.7 Cookbook': http://bitfieldconsulting.com/cookbook bio from Twitter

Darren Beale

Web Dev & Ops / Productivity & OneNote / Woodcraft. I run http://siftware.com & host the http://backendy.com podcast bio from Twitter

David Lockie

WordPress, open source, blockchain, music, cycling, family, fitness, food. Director @pragmaticweb bio from Twitter

Daniel Kanchev

FOSS Addict, Web security and performance freak @SiteGround and @1hSoft, Snowboarding lover bio from Twitter

Brent Shepherd

Entrepreneurially-challenged WordPress developer. I built Five3.me, Subscriptions for WooCommerce & bbBolt, among other things. bio from Twitter

Magnus Bråth

Swedish living in Malta after a few years in Costa Rica. Working as Head of SEO at Rock Intention. #SEO #svSEO bio from Twitter

Rhys Wynne

Digital Marketing Consultant with @3DoorDigital (Views are my own). Colwyn Bay fan, wrestling manager & WordPress Monkey. Big fan of Northern Lights Suplexes.

Darko Jergovic

Turnschuh- / Sneaker-, Freitag-Taschen-, T-Shirt - Träger. Mag Apple, Google. Interesse für, Kunst, Design, Neue Medien. Liebe Kristijan, Nikola & Jasmina! bio from Twitter

Christoffer Larsson

Webbutvecklingschef på Västerbottens-Kuriren, vk.se och folkbladet.nu. Gillar WordPress. Och jQuery. Och PHP. (Inte IE, men vem gör egentligen det?) bio from Twitter

Niclas Nilsson

Passionate dev, coach, writer and speaker. Co-founder of factor10. InfoQ editor. Loves clean languages and to solve problems at the right level with less code. bio from Twitter

Kristin Kokkersvold

Ux-designer and founder of Studio Netting

Caspar Hübinger

Ümlaut, Baby! Speaks English, mostly tweets in German. #wordpress #webdesign #wpmeetup #potsdam #wpcb13 #wpcamp #wordcamp bio from Twitter